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If we haven't answered your questions, please let us know!

How do I get to the venue?

More details are at our travel page.


For flights, you can either fly to Paris and take a train, or there are some flights with layovers in the UK that will land in Nantes or Rennes that are about an hour drive from the venue.


If you're not renting a car, an Uber or taxi from Rennes should be easy to get but is about a 50 min drive (about 100 euro on Uber).


Alternatively, you can take a train to Redon, which is only 15 min away, but it is a small village so no Ubers and the taxi stand does not have waiting cars. The train kiosk will give you a number you can call to ask for a taxi. If you want us to help coordinate transportation from Redon to the venue, let us know at least 3 weeks in advance. We'll either find friends to pick you up or hire a private taxi to shuttle people for the day.

How will updates be communicated?

We'll email you via our RSVP list in our invite app. For less urgent/important matters we'll update the website.

How can I get in touch with you while in France?

We both have Whats App so add us to your contacts (Zeeshan: +1 917 445 6017 , Kamilla: +1 516 348 48 51). We're not phone-obsessed people so don't get mad if it takes a while to respond.


If you have an unlocked e-SIM enabled phone we highly recommend setting up a new service called Airalo before you go - it costs about the same as getting a new European SIM card at the airport but is much faster and easy to top up if you run out of data, plus you don't have to remove your regular SIM card from your phone.

Will the wedding be indoors or outdoors?

Weather permitting, we'll have an outdoor ceremony and vin d'honneur (cocktail hour) and indoor dinner with dancing in a separate indoor area.


Welcome dinner and post-wedding brunch will be outside but in a tented marquee.

Is there parking?

Yes. No valet though.

What do I need to pack?

Apart from your usual travel/party essentials, some things to consider are:

  • a rain coat or umbrella since the region can get rainy

  • a swimming suit if you'd like to use the pool

  • a tennis racket and balls if you want to use the tennis court

  • hiking gear if you want to go on some hikes

Is the area walkable?

There aren't any cafes or other businesses that are walkable from the venue, so if being able to do those things is important to you consider renting a car. 

What meals are provided?

Friday we'll provide dinner.


We'll have a late breakfast on Saturday, and lots of food after the ceremony.


On Sunday there will be a brunch (with Breton music and dancing) and afterwards we wanted to leave the day open for anyone that wants to go explore on their own. We may try to organize something low-key in the area, like a hike or oysters in a nearby coastal town for those that don't want to go off on their own.

On Monday there will be early breakfast and please be prepared to check out by 10AM!

The lodge next to the Chateau has a self-catering kitchen so we'll try to have some snacks and tea/coffee there and feel free to bring your own. Please clean up after yourself if you use it.

What's the dress code?

Formal optional...basically if you want to dress up, we'd love to see your fancy outfit! But if you want to travel light don't feel pressured to pack something heavy just for the wedding. Please don't go super casual (flip flops, shorts, jeans, etc.)...we'll be in France after all.

We'll be wearing formal Pakistan attire for Friday dinner so feel free to join us :)

If you're wearing heels, it would be best to avoid stiletto-type shoes for the ceremony and cocktail hour as it's outside on grassy ground. But feel free to change into those for dinner if you prefer!

Can I bring a gift to the wedding?

Your presence is enough of a gift so please don't feel obligated to get us anything! We're fortunate to have everything we need and have already been living together for over a year.


If you do want to get us a physical gift, we'd request that anything larger than a card be shipped to our apartment (we can provide our address on request) as we will already be traveling with too many things to carry.

Can I take photos?

Feel free to take as many photos as you like outside of the ceremony itself, and we'll try to arrange a way to share photos with each other as well via a shared drive or Instagram hashtag.


In consideration of other guests, please refrain from taking photos during the ceremony - we'll have a photographer documenting everything.

Norse has really good flight it too good to be true?

We've only flown it once but can say from our limited experience that it's not bad and the prices are much more reasonable than the competitors. Add-ons like assigned seats, carry-on and checked luggage add quite a bit to the advertised price so make sure to go through the whole flow to get an estimate of how much it will cost. Upgrading to a more premium economy class can be more cost effective than paying separately for each individual upgrade. Some things that were worse than other airlines we've flown were:

  • seats had very little padding (but on the more important note, legroom was about the same as other carriers)

  • it flies out of the worst terminals in both JFK and CDG. In CDG the terminal is confusing and you have to walk a bit outside to get to the main hub and the taxi dropoff for departures is also a walk from the departures hall itself

  • the food is really bad even for airline food standards

  • no headphones/blanket/pillow so bring your own

Otherwise it's much the same as any other airline. Oh and they are very strict about luggage limits so don't count on them letting a few extra kilos slide.

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